Brexit, Trump… too much going on!!

So here I am back to write for my blog, swamped in study issues (starting new trimester tomorrow, old one was over on January 18th, dissertation draft proposal to submit before the 22nd!) and totally worried about the incessant vomiting of news any time I turn an electronic device on, whether it’s my mobile phone or just the TV.

Apparently, in 6 months we have gone from Brexit doom mongering scenarios to nuclear war or world war three. Because we all know ‘they’ want the latter. Who wants it? The ones who represent the 1%. Because they are tired of us peasants asking and pretending and demanding and then protesting if we don’t get what we were promised. 

The Trumps  (or Putins or Mays) of this world only see ‘us’ in one way: we are a burden.

Once there was the Black Death. Once there were conquest wars in the name of a God or a flag. But how would you justify a war in the 21st century? They cannot, right? He he. They can instead, we will give them the pretext, worse.. we will help them.

Have you noticed how much denial there still is in common people? “Oh it cannot happen, history cannot repeat itself this time”. Really? As a history student, I am aware that history has repeatedly itself so many times that if I could count them I would need a calculator. How many conmen/powerful men have made ordinary people believe some wars were ‘necessary’? 

It is only sufficient a reason: to make people feel attacked first. This can be done through appeals to xenophobia (“foreigners are swamping us, they are taking over, etc”); through attacks on the judiciary upholding national constitutions (“judges are enemies of the people, they are stopping democracy, etc.”); through appeals to faithfulness to a national ideal (“Make blah blah great again, taking back control, etc.”). List of appeals can come endless, the main aim is to make the population at large feel scared about something  (whilst we are all worried and scared,  we also forget to check the eventual red flags blown in our faces; a bit like living with an abuser….).

When the above mentioned happens, a division ensues. On one side, the part of the population listening to those appeals and agreeing with the conmen; on the other side the one opposing them. At this point, the whole population is already fucked, because the 50% opposing it has either the option of resisting or to try to join/reach to the other 50%. I might scare you shitless here but if we follow historical precedents, there’s often no way out of this conundrum without any form of violence. 

Even if it’s not nuclear war or even world war, we could totally be part of civil wars in UK, USA, France, etc. Or… entire groups of people will be defined as dissidents and incarcerated, in the name of a flag/belief under a dictatorial regime.

Believe me if I tell you that the world as we have known it for so long won’t last much longer. Unless we get invaded by aliens and exterminated. Hopefully,  because I have totally lost hope in mankind, human species is showing itself as something totally dumb and incapable of learning.

Merlin x

P.S. I would be all for to give the world to chirping Maine Coons like my Thor… at least, I am sure the planet would survive unscathed because they would have all they need without destroying it first.