Off until May

Well, it seems that my non-busy life suddenly became busy beyond my wildest dreams lol So I won’t be back to write for the blog until the first week of May and with lots of beautiful pictures to post both from the Lakes (crossing fingers next weekend should be sunny!) and lots of other beautiful pictures from Cornwall.

Have a nice end of April everyone, stay safe and healthy.


Merlin xx

P.S. I leave you with two nice pictures of Thor and Sif duly washed and scrubbed 🙂


Kitten selfies, better than people’s selfies?

Selfie: “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”.

Now… I wanted to put the definition of the word first, because there is less chance that my blog post might be misinterpreted later on. A prologue is needed too. I never liked my appearance and given that I’m in my early 40ies, I guess I never will. Therefore, I was not going to be someone addicted to ‘selfies’ because only the thought of taking a picture of me is slightly revolting and what for, I’d be dreadful in it anyway.
But I’m not here to judge anyone who takes selfies on daily basis, that is not my point. Having said that, my husband recently ‘accused‘ me to be addicted to ‘kitten-selfies’. It is evident that all pets can’t take a picture of themselves…. however, if you have your pet’s pictures all over the place maybe there’s a problem (although there are people having pet’s blogs or pet’s facebook accounts, so not sure I am suffering from any particular and serious addiction…).

Anyway…. I’m a proud pet-mummy and I have to admit that I got carried away trying to take the perfect picture of my kitten Sif….. I think I’ve taken the same amount of pictures and videos of Sif in two months that I have of my husband and I in three years. Worse.. my Facebook account was basically dead and with no photos in it and now it has become populated with Sif’s pictures and any kind of status concerning the kitten LOL twitter account… well, it is the same! So I must conclude that my husband is definitively right :-/

This plight prompted another thought… am I taking a ton of pictures because I’ve just a kitten… or a gorgeous one? And how much can my addiction be compared to other people’s? In a few words, do people who take selfies like themselves so much because they think, or know, they are gorgeous or they are… what exactly? I know this could be kind of late night mumble-jumble so nobody will be interested in it anyway, but I’d be curious to know, genuinely, the answer. Why is everybody obsessively taking selfies…. I’m not only referring to celebrities here.
Maybe it is just me, who can’t bear yet to see my ugly face in pictures and would bin them straightaway, the whole lot since I was one month…. Well, leaving you with a picture of Sif, that’s better 😉 Kitten selfies always work 😉

Sif 11 weeks

UPDATE: March 2015… Kittens are two now, so I’m even more addicted to kitten selfies now!

Domain pic Thor&Sif

A Maine Coon army?

This will be a brief post and mainly for two reasons… First, I am on the Ipad and of late any Apple device sucks big time, Safari freezes off, keyboard gets stuck, the automatic spelling corrector forces you to delete entire words and in the end closing and opening windows is a mess!
Second, I hadn’t posted anything in like.. One century, so one post was overdue. But why I didn’t post anything? Because a Maine Coon happened! Our Maine Coon… In August we brought home a fantastic three month female kitten that we named Sif. She is a bundle of fur, as you can see by the recent picture I attach to this post… And she is so lovely and mischievous that my spare time incredibly shrank after she arrived here!

I have to tell you something about Maine Coons.. They are addictive. I didn’t want to believe it but they are. Once you get one, you would fancy to have an army. I don’t know if that is due to the combination beauty+smartness+natural-mischief of this breed… But as soon as I see a picture of another Maine Coon kitten I would bring him/her home! My husband, clearly, keeps me grounded and he said that one was more than enough. But attention… If nobody is keeping you in check you will be outnumbered at home by a CoonieArmy!!!!