Merry Christmas and Happy 2017

Dear Followers,

Unfortunately, for many people this has not been the year we were expecting at the end of 2015.

In many regards, many events have made 2016 become the annus horribilis. It is not over yet and here I am, reading online media news and feeling lost. The world around me has changed and a new direction is needed, actually many new directions and plans are needed.

I wish life was not so complicated sometimes, but… I’m a historian and I know that in the past everything was much more complicated. Should I really complain about anything? Maybe not.

Maybe it is time to take action and to take risks. Whether it will pan out or not, nobody can know. For many years I adopted a strategy of ‘I’ve nothing to lose and I throw myself in the new adventures with no regrets‘. However, now I have many things to lose and decisions have seemed impossible to make. But time has come for a overhaul.

Best Christmas wishes to all of you. I will update you in 2017.

Merlin x


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