Merlin’s Travels: Padstow, Cornwall U.K.

Hello everybody,

I have been away for far so long that I actually forgot what I was writing about before Brexit and the craziness that surrounds the deadline of any of my assignments. It’s bound to get worse because I can barely keep track of what is happening at home, let alone the rest. But I promise I will write something for the blog every now and then. So… I want to re-start my travelling posts and I feel sorry I interrupted the Cornish series. Well to make you feel better about your day I am going to post a few pictures of the beautiful Cornish town Padstow, a place we really loved and where we would like to go back in the next few years. God knows when we will have a holiday and… will we be in UK or not? Well enjoy the pics and if you are staying in North Cornwall don’t miss Padstow!! (P.S. Very sorry these pics are the only ones available to you, unfortunately I have not a FB page anymore after the whole account went into the bin because of post-Brexit hate…)









See you soon!! I hope to publish the post about Eden project and the closing post about Cornish food next two weeks!!

Merlin x



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