Merlin’s Travels: Trewidden Gardens, Cornwall U.K.

This is a garden near Penzance in Cornwall, where we stopped by chance and because we were fancying a cream tea. On our way from Land’s End, I was a bit moody and you know.. what’s better than a fruit scone with clotted cream and homemade jam to cheer ourselves up? So we stopped here just to enjoy the tea room menu and.. we ended up visiting the fantastic gardens, I’d have regretted it if we hadn’t decided so. They were simply fantastic… plus enjoying the best scones of my Cornish stay! The garden is a lovely place full of camellias and century-old magnolia trees, some of them are champion trees. However, if you need more info, here’s the website:

I’ll let pictures speak for themselves…..

P.S. There are no pictures of the fantastic cream tea we were served because I usually prefer to dive into food instead of delaying to do it because I need to take a picture šŸ˜‰

Rhododendrons in flower
A puffed-up Merlin among bluebells and daffodils
More spectacular rhododendrons in flower
A lovely pond
Bluebell Wood
Rock Garden
Magnolia tree (champion tree)

See you soon on these pages,

Merlin xx


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