Merlin’s Travels: Land’s End, Cornwall U.K.


Land’s End was a place we had dreamed of since visiting John O’ Groats (we were living near Thurso back then so it’s just a short drive from there). Both John O’ Groats and Land’s End are not the northernmost or southernmost points in mainland U.K., Dunnet Head in Caithness being the northernmost and Lizard Point in Cornwall the southernmost. The particularity is only the distance between them…. Having said that, in both places what you should expect is… basically nothing and a lot of touristic fluff. However, John O’ Groats was basically free until 4 years ago… whilst the tourism industry has transformed Land’s End in a money-making machine to see three cliffs (which are the same as elsewhere in Cornwall) and a signpost… I was terribly annoyed that only to enter the site by car you need to pay 5£, regardless of how long you will be there. We were there for an hour and it seemed ‘stretched’ and we were fighting boredom…. Not happy and not a site I’d recommend to visit; surely we won’t go back ever again. Last but not the least, if you want to put your face near the signpost you need 1) photoshopping yourself into a bare picture of the signpost or 2) pay 18 friggin’ pounds for a professional photographer who will take a picture of you and the signpost. I obviously skipped the picture and I attach only the signpost LOL

Before getting to Land’s End, if there’s low tide you can drive down and stop at Sennen Cove, about 5-6 miles from Land’s End. There’s no free parking so have some coins with you to park the car. If there’s high tide, it’s only a rocky beach and it’s not worth it. So check tide times before going 😉

Enjoy the pictures, they’re all here and I didn’t put any on my FB page this time, they were all the same! See you soon, Merlin xx


Land’s End cat – our first welcoming local (and the last LOL)
Land’s End view
View of the visitor centre
View of Land’s End Inn
View of cliffs and sea
More cliffs and sea
260416 077
More views of some cliffs
…. more cliffs….
The sign with the most expensive picture ever (if you want to be in it!!)

See you next time! 🙂






8 thoughts on “Merlin’s Travels: Land’s End, Cornwall U.K.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about the stupid charges at Lands End, as a local I haven’t been there in years but when I do go I park at the far less expensive Sennen just around the coast and then it is a beautiful and fairly short walk to Lands End along the cliffs – no entrance charge! I really hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit though! And I have always wanted to go to John O’Groats too! 🙂

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    1. Yep, I’ve stopped in Sennen (lovely village and beach, although the latter was not much visible because of high tide and rough sea) and if we knew about the charges we would have parked there. Cornwall is fantastic, of course I enjoyed it 🙂 I think Land’s End was the only place where I shouldn’t have bothered to go (I missed more interesting places just to make it down there!). I am sorry it doesn’t let me post pictures in the comments or I would post some of John O’ Groats!

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  2. I liked the Land’s End. Expensive, yes, but stunning. We sat near the edge for two hours… Very relaxing! We went in 2009, maybe now it’s different. I was on holiday, far better than Florence in August! Talking about the locals… How many times did you go to the Uffizi? I didn’t go there because I have to pay like anyone else, like I didn’t pay taxes to keep it open! (Does it make sense? I hope so!). I think it’s the same everywhere… Attract the tourists but leave the locals behind. Sad. Sad but true (cit). Beautiful pics as usual!!!! 🙂 take care! 🙂

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    1. Sorry to disagree Katia, but NO, it’s one of the ugliest places in Cornwall ‘if’ compared to others. I don’t know how much you’ve seen of Cornwall but comparing Bedruthan Steps or Holywell Bay or the wonderful Cornish south coast to Land’s End is doing a disservice to them. And John O’ Groats is equally bad if compared to anything located in Caithness, even Wick is better.
      I never went to the Uffizi but surely not because I have to pay for it, it’s because I don’t like Art Galleries at all (I’ve one of those syndromes where you start feeling sick/nausea if you see too many pictures). Someone dragged me to the Louvre when I was living in Paris and many times I had to rest in a corridor.
      And I do tour Cumbria and pay for tickets and parking in the whole Lake District, whether or not I’m a local doesn’t diminish my pleasure to visit some places.
      Sorry Katia but this time we agree to disagree but thanks for posting your opinion though, it’s always welcome! 🙂

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      1. It’s fine. I like disagree with people open minded like you. I will open my mind to your point of view! =) I visited the south of Cornwall, for one week. I remember it so wonderful! Maybe because at that time I lived in Italy… You’re used to a such amazing landscapes! I wasn’t! I hope my English is good enough to your website! Otherwise I will go back to Italian! see you!

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      2. Your English is fine!!! 🙂 I know how you feel because that’s how I feel too, the more I think I know the more I am proved wrong and I keep learning words every day! Don’t despair, learning is a never ending process ❤


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