Merlin’s Travels: St. Mawes, Cornwall U.K.

St. Mawes is a picturesque village on the South Coast of Cornwall, U.K. We got there in the late afternoon and there was no time for us to do anything but a short walk. We will probably have the chance to stay longer in our next holiday! Not much else to say apart from the fact I fell in love with the bay and the lovely houses with a thatched roof ❤ I recommend the visit and you might also stop at a lovely village called St. Just in Roseland, which is quite close to St. Mawes. We didn’t stop there because our car was making a fuss and so we had to postpone that too! Another info: because of the geographical shape of the bay, from St. Mawes you can go to Falmouth only by ferry. If you want to go around by car, it is a long, long way up to the A390, then through Truro and then back down; it takes a couple of hours to drive down there!! Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Main beach
View of the bay and the fantastic colour of the sea
Houses with thatched roofs
More lovely houses
View of an alley
Another view of the bay with the castle in the background

See you soon!

Merlin x



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