Merlin’s Travels: Charlestown, Cornwall U.K.

Charlestown is a little town near St. Austell, Cornwall. It has a fantastic little harbour and it has been often the location where they have filmed many movies.

We got there on a Sunday and, even though it was very late in the afternoon, finding a parking spot was quite a challenge! We ended up parking up the hill. Although we only spent about an hour there, I fell in love with the place. Surely it’ll deserve another visit if I will ever make it to Cornwall again! 🙂 And now onto the pictures, which is what anyone is already waiting for 😉 I’m afraid I’ve no many about this lovely town because both my camera and my mobile phone decided to die at the same time, so I only got a few pictures and many of them too grainy or blurry to be used for the blog.

Charlestown – sculpture or ship?
Charlestown harbour with the tall ships
Beach and sea view on the east side of the harbour
Beach & sea west side of the harbour
East side of the harbour
The harbour
A very picturesque character.. or a pirate?

See you soon on these pages!

Merlin xx




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