Merlin’s Travels: Tintagel, Cornwall – U.K.

Tintagel Castle is a ruined castle on Tintagel island. The village nearby was originally called Trevena, however it adopted the name Tintagel because of the association with the castle (and the florishing tourism business!) in the mid-19th century. As many of you will likely know, Tintagel Castle in Cornwall has been the favourite place where to locate the legendary King Arthur’s castle. Although the actual castle, whose ruins are visible at present, were built in the 13th century by Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, the castle went through several destructions, fires, restorations and additions. The location was rumoured to be King Arthur’s birthplace since Geoffrey De Monmouth had placed the Arthurian legends in Cornwall in his Historia Regum Britanniae in the 12th century. Seemingly, the Earl also wanted to have a connection with the Arthurian legends and decided to built his castle there. Curiously, nor he or one of his descendants ever lived in Tintagel.

Of course, evidence of Arthur’s castle being located in Tintagel (or elsewhere) never existed; however, even if you don’t care about Arthurian legends, Tintagel Castle is still a place full of interesting history and archaeology (don’t miss the ruins at the top of the hill, more ancient that the castle!), astoundingly beautiful views and a coastline full of wildlife. It is definitively a ‘magic place’ to be ๐Ÿ™‚ And I, as Merlin, could not avoid to be there in front of Merlin’s cave, could I? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (psst…. I even bought a t-shirt!! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

The castle has an upper part and a lower part; we didn’t have time to visit the lower one, we spent about one hour and a half there…. In ancient times a bridge was connecting the two parts, now all the paths have been restored by English Heritage but of course… you need to walk up and down many, many, many steps. If you can’t stand heights, don’t consider the visit because steps are narrow and go up quite a bit!!

Pictures don’t do justice to the place and a visit is highly recommended, both to the castle and to the village, where you can also visit the lovely and ancient Post Office. I regret we could not visit the Post Office inside because it was about to close but I attach a picture of it as well. Enjoy!

Tintagel Old Post Office
Tintagel Castle plaque
View from the entrance of the castle (upper part)
Entrance of the upper castle
Merlin at Tintagel Castle.. or Merlin’s Castle?!?!?
Tintagel on the other side
View of the lower castle seen by the upper castle
View from hall door
View from the exit of the old hall (upper castle)
View of the lower castle and Tintagel village from up the hill (upper castle)
View from the lower stairs
View sea dn Merlin’s cave from lower stairs and passage
View of lower castle from the road leading to the shop and old ticket office

6 thoughts on “Merlin’s Travels: Tintagel, Cornwall – U.K.

  1. Bell’articolo! Anch’io non ho fatto in tempo a vedere il post office! Mi hai fatto venir voglia di tornare in Cornovaglia! Bellissime foto, le ho viste anche se fb! Buona giornata!


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