Merlin’s Travels: Waitangi Treaty Grounds, New Zealand

I apologise I have been completely absent from the blog since March, I’m way beyond my studies and I’ve to hand another assignment in soon. However, there was also a computer-change-swap during the Easter holidays, so here is why I was MIA for so long 🙂

This post was in a draft state for a long time…. I thought I needed to finally publish it! About the place, the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, it was one of the first places I wanted to visit as soon as I landed in New Zealand. Its better description, from its official website, is: “The Waitangi Treaty Grounds is New Zealand’s premier historic site where in 1840 New Zealand’s most significant document was signed by the British Crown and Māori Chiefs: the Treaty of Waitangi” (


Carved Meeting House – Waitangi T. G.


Carved Meeting House Int. – Waitangi T. G.
Carved Meeting House entrance – Waitangi T. G.
View from the Carved Meeting House Int. – Waitangi T. G.
Treaty House – Waitangi T. G.
View of the Flagstaff from the Treaty House – Waitangi T. G.
The Flagstaff – Waitangi T. G.
Ceremonial War Canoe – Waitangi T. G.
Ceremonial War Canoe long view – Waitangi T. G.
Ceremonial War Canoe carved prow 1- Waitangi T. G.
Ceremonial War Canoe caved prow 2 – Waitangi T. G.
Pohutukawa Tree (New Zealand Christmas Tree) – Waitangi T. G.
Treaty House (extract found inside) – Waitangi T. G.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures, as usual, and see you next time for another post about my travels 🙂

Merlin xx


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