Blog update

Every now and then a makeover, even if not radical, is necessary. And yes, blogs also need makeovers! 😉

What’s been updated?

– I suppressed one page (the Recipes one) but only because it was difficult to consult and the access to single recipes wasn’t as easy as it should be. Commenting under a single recipe wasn’t possible either, so I decided to cut the whole thing off. Therefore recipes will be posted in the main blog and will have a category on their own because I terribly like cooking (forgive me! ❤ ) and I’ll post a new recipe tonight 😉

– As you surely understood from what I had implied in my last two posts, my cooperation with an Italian expat blog was recently terminated. In a fit of rage the admin of that site decided to delete everything I had written, included the ‘About me’ page (very mature, eh!). Therefore any reference or link to that website (or anything connected with it) has been deleted from this website too. Rightly so 😉

– A page about migrating and travelling has been created, exclusively in Italian language. You won’t find info there, only blogs doing a better job than I could ever hope to do. Please refer to those websites if you’re looking for answers to your concerns and doubts. regarding the travel part, I’ve started a couple of months ago the ‘Merlin’s Travels’ category where I talk about and post pictures of the few countries I’ve visited or I’ve lived in. Unfortunately, the range of countries will be restricted to United Kingdom, France, Austria, New Zealand, U.S.A., Venezuela, Spain and Germany. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford and visit many others before I close my eyes forever!

Enjoy the updated version of S. Merlin Chesters UK 😉

Merl xxx


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