Merlin’s Travels: Scottish beaches

I take a break from my New Zealand series to show you how some ideas about a foreign country you’ve never visited can be wrong. It is a quite diffused stereotype that in Scotland beaches don’t exist. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the well-known geographical nature of Scotland, especially in the Highlands, is rocky and treeless. Well, it would be worth a trip there to see that a sandy beach in Scotland is indeed a feature present in the landscape and some of them are long so many miles to appear endless.

Some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in U.K. are in Scotland. I’m posting only the pictures of the beaches I could see with my own eyes. Unfortunately I was never able to get to Sandwood Bay (near Cape Wrath, Durness), because the whole walk is about 7-8 miles long. I’ve not been in a great shape for years now, so I’ve never made it there 😉 Next time! 🙂

Note for Italian commenters: Although the beaches are really popular among the Scottish residents, you’ll notice that there’s not a shred of litter or rubbish apart from the kelp deposited from the sea. No comparisons with overcrowded and disgustingly littered Italian beaches are allowed, simply because you want to justify you were roasting in a car for 5 hours to get to a beach that was more similar to a rubbish tip than actually a beach.

Achmelvich Beach – near Lochinver

Achmelvich Beach

Beach near Dunnottar Castle

Near Dunnottar Castle

Sandside Bay Beach – Reay (near Thurso) – Orkney visible in the fog

Sandside beach

Oldmanshore Beach – Kinlochbervie

Oldshoremore Beach

Strathy Point beach

Strathy Point beach

Dunnet Beach – near Dunnet Head (most northerly point of UK mainland)

Dunnet Head beach

Lake beaches near Badenloch / Kinbrace – Sutherland (pic taken from the car)

Lake beaches Badenloch

Melvich Beach – Melvich

Melvich Beach

Torrisdale Beach – near Bettyhill

Torrisdale Beach

Lovely small beach near Durness

near Durness

Skara Brae beach – Orkney

Skara Brae beach

I hope you enjoyed the beaches and…. see you soon, for more pictures!

Merlin x


3 thoughts on “Merlin’s Travels: Scottish beaches

    1. Sì tutto corretto! 😉 non ho mai fatto caso all’acqua perché non nuoto nel mare da almeno 20 anni. Odiavo fare il bagno anche in Italia… però i piedini a bagno li ho messi lassù e francamente non mi sembrava fredda (certo tutto il corpo è diverso!). Pensa che una delle spiagge nelle foto la vedevo dalle finestre di casa 😉

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