Merlin’s Travels: Bay of Islands, New Zealand

One of the places I was keen to visit once I landed in New Zealand was the ‘Bay of Islands’. It is located at about 2 hours 40 minutes from Auckland (with no traffic…). If you’re interested in visiting it, you might find some interesting information at these links:

The number of small islands in that region is over 140, mostly uninhabited. I rented a car for a few days and booked a small B&B on the coast (I think it was at Wangaruru but my memory could play a trick at this moment). Weather was pretty much awful all the time so it ruined a great deal of pictures. I even barely made it to the renown 90-mile beach and a thunderstorm joined me there after 3 minutes I got off the car!!!

I also never made it to Cape Reinga (most northern point of New Zealand), because the sealed motorway A1… stops about 25 km before Cape Reinga and becomes a gravel road!!! Take note that rented cars have NO insurance cover that extends to gravel roads…. So if you want to visit Cape Reinga it is better to do one of the many organised bus tours.

The Bay of Islands is also the region where the first English settlers arrived in the 19th century (at Russell), as well as the location where The Declaration of Independence of New Zealand was signed in 1835 and the Treaty between Maori and English government was signed in 1840. But given that that site is really interesting and magical, I will write about the Waitangi Treaty Ground in the next post.

I also went to visit the Whangarei Falls, lovely spot and nobody was there, just perfect!! 🙂 (and… a bit off topic, but they had the cleanest and most lovely public toilets ever…. 😀 

Bay of Islands, main coastal road
Bay of Islands, main coastal road
Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands
Lovely place to live...
Lovely place to live……
Bay of Islands… little harbour?



Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Falls
90-mile beach (which is not 90 miles long, I think about 63...)
90-mile beach (which is not 90 miles long, I think about 63…)

See you soon for another post about New Zealand!! 🙂

Merlin x


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