Merlin’s Travels: Hamilton Gardens, New Zealand

Hamilton is a little town (well, ‘little’ by European standards…) situated in the North Island, New Zealand; the driving time between Auckland and Hamilton is about 1h and a half. Firts of all, I must tell you that one of my biggest interest of my life is… Gardening. I’ve never had a garden before moving to the Highlands of Scotland (my rented little cottage in Sutherland had one) and when we bought a house in England we even got two (front and back), imagine my delight! 🙂

Anyway, I’m going off topic. One of the most famous gardens in New Zealand is in Hamilton so I could NOT visit it, of course! The town layout vaguely resembles one of the typical seaside towns on the Adriatic Sea (in Italy), but I don’t think that the settlers, the architects or the town planners of Hamilton went for that ‘model’ on purpose! It is funny to think that the first thing I took a picture of was a Christmas tree in an incredibly sunny and warm day 😀 I went to Hamilton on December 9th, 2009; you certainly know that in the southern emisphere the seasons are inverted compared to the north one, hence the sunny and the short-sleeved or sleeveless clothing 😉

Christmas Tree - Hamilton
Christmas Tree – Hamilton
Hamilton town centre
Hamilton town centre
Hamilton town centre
Hamilton town centre

The Hamilton gardens, a mix of gardening/building styles all in the same place (there is the Italian garden, the Japanese one, the English, etc. etc.), were really lovely and full of flowers in bloom. I’m not posting all the pictures, as usual, but just a selection; I didn’t post pictures of close-ups of flowers either, I went home with 200 pics and I can’t post them all, sorry!!

Italian garden Hamilton g

hamilton g2

A Japanese lady took a picture of me in the English garden!
A Japanese lady took a picture of me in the English garden!

Hamilton g3

Hamilton g5

Tropical greenhouse
Tropical greenhouse

hamilton g7

I hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂 I got home with lots of memories that will always remain with me, a tan and a fantastic relaxing day spent in a wonderful place for the soul and….my lungs!! 😀

And in the parking lot of the Hamilton Gardens I could not avoid to notice a reference to the Lord of the Rings… a personalised licence plate of a car that someone had named ‘Frodo’!! Not posting the pic for privacy reasons, of course.

See you soon!

Merlin x

Note: more pics at this link


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