The Cumberbatch Overload


I think this pic already summarises it all… Does any of you know who Benedict Cumberbatch is? Well, he is a tv/theatre/movie actor. Nothing strange in that.

However…. recently he has started to be EVERYWHERE (see the tweet above) and he became overexposed before being actually ‘famous’. In a few words, without being in anything incredibly successful (except Sherlock or Star Trek Into Darkness), he started to be in tv events, commercials, several apparitions at awards, even Richard III’s reburial ceremony!!! (that stinks, because I’m an Archaeology/History student at Leicester and I’d have preferred.. someone else!! Colin Firth, for example? Hmm..).

And then you wonder.. people like him, Miley Cyrus or the Kardashian women.. what have they done so relevant to be there in the first place? Is the modern world obsessing over celebrities who are ‘famous’ for no reason at all? Although Cumberbatch actually seems talented (he’s not that good-looking, so he must have something special elsewhere…), but I guess many others are too? :-/

I liked all the series of BBC’s Sherlock, even though the third one was quite full of plot holes and absurd scenes. My husband and I started to watch a rerun of the second series; the actor in ‘The Hobbit’ (Martin Freeman) was in it and my husband also had heard several good reviews about it. We also thought ‘oh well, you know the guy who plays Sherlock is quite good too’ and thought that we could check/watch some of his work in the future… I guess we’ll never get the chance though, because Mr. Cumberbatch has been shoveled in our faces every day for the last 6 months. I would even have thought that it was past him to play the ‘private life’ charade in front of the cameras in order to stay relevant. Ugh, that didn’t happen unfortunately. Now I even know his wife’s name, not that I was missing that LOL

So the conclusion of my brief post would be: overexposure, in any case, is bad. I’m aware that ‘bad publicity is always publicity’, but I lost the count of how many people were turned off Mr. Cumberbatch from autumn last year until today, therefore ‘not all publicity is good’, quite the opposite. Surely, the hard-core fans didn’t stop following him, the more the better for them. However, probably ‘normal’ fans don’t count anymore and nowadays actors only pander to their fanbases to sell tickets and make a living.

This crazy cat-lady is clearly too old-fashioned to get it 😉

Merlin x


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