Tired and fed up of whiny foreigners

Today I posted on Facebook the following status:

“Am I the only Italian here who’s tired to hear that tripe about English language being less beautiful than *enter whatever language here* … Good lord, if you don’t like English ask yourself what the hell you are doing in an English-speaking country… “

My friend Mandy answered that I should have add to that all people complaining about the weather, food, lack of ‘bidet’, England itself, British people and so on.

Well… YES, I’d like that all foreigners (not just Italians here) would stop complaining about everything in a country where they chose to live!! Nobody forced them to come to UK. Work can’t be the only reason and if it is, you’ve two opportunities:

– You shut up

– You migrate elsewhere as soon as you’ve the chance

Living in a foreign country where everything seems hostile to you is pure madness. I really enjoy UK, with its pros and cons. It is not Fairyland at all, it is a shithole sometimes, but for me it is HOME. I always felt that way, since I got here. I love British people, whether they’re Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish or from anywhere else. I love British history and archaeology. I love food and drink, I love ordinarily queueing everywhere, I love their community spirit and their will to fight for what is right!

And yes, I immensely love the English language. And if you don’t agree, I don’t give a rat’s ass, it is your business and your unhappiness affects only YOU, not me or anyone else!!

I rebel against this trend that ‘complaining about the host country is normal’, well it is not. And now piss off 😛


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