A Maine Coon army?

This will be a brief post and mainly for two reasons… First, I am on the Ipad and of late any Apple device sucks big time, Safari freezes off, keyboard gets stuck, the automatic spelling corrector forces you to delete entire words and in the end closing and opening windows is a mess!
Second, I hadn’t posted anything in like.. One century, so one post was overdue. But why I didn’t post anything? Because a Maine Coon happened! Our Maine Coon… In August we brought home a fantastic three month female kitten that we named Sif. She is a bundle of fur, as you can see by the recent picture I attach to this post… And she is so lovely and mischievous that my spare time incredibly shrank after she arrived here!

I have to tell you something about Maine Coons.. They are addictive. I didn’t want to believe it but they are. Once you get one, you would fancy to have an army. I don’t know if that is due to the combination beauty+smartness+natural-mischief of this breed… But as soon as I see a picture of another Maine Coon kitten I would bring him/her home! My husband, clearly, keeps me grounded and he said that one was more than enough. But attention… If nobody is keeping you in check you will be outnumbered at home by a CoonieArmy!!!!


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