Tom Hiddleston…. I see you? You don’t…

Is anyone here remembering the song “I see you” by Mika?

I used to listen to it a lot a few years ago (2009), maybe because it mirrored the way I felt at that time…

“I’m sitting across from you
And dreaming of the things I do
I don’t speak, you don’t know me at all

For fear of what you might do
I say nothing but stare at you
And I’m dreaming
I’m tripping over you”

Strangely enough, it never mirrored any ‘feelings’ I had for… Someone famous? Actually, how can you even have feelings for someone you never met in real life (here the use of the verb ‘to meet’ could mean ‘to see’)? Well, it might come as a surprise to you, but some people have.

Although it is not news to me, it never fails to surprise me. I can be honest here… I NEVER got the meaning of ‘fandom’ in the same way that some of those people do. I don’t know why I could never be star-struck by anyone’s fame. Of course, at some point in my life I was, too, one of those ladies pining away for some actor/singer, the flavour of the month or the year. Nevertheless, I was never obsessed to the point of going to their concerts, movie premieres and so on. Well, let alone about having a faint idea who they date or where they live. I saw Matt Damon once and… That’s it. It was not instagrammed, pinterested, facebooked, tweeted and so on…

Life changes and can become hectic all of a sudden, movie actors crushes don’t stand the test of time, they tend to fade away. I thought that nowadays, in this technological and consumeristic era, everything is ‘used’ in a split second and thrown away and only a few things keep us interested for longer. Well, I was not deluded enough to believe that movie fandom hadn’t changed from the 1950s, when my mum was young and she innocently cut Tony Curtis pics off from magasines. However, the change in 60 years was greater than I could have ever imagined…. Once movie stars lived in Hollywood and they lived another life. You couldn’t invest much of yourself in that, they were no more or less than Martians. Now PR teams delude legion of fans into believing that these ‘aliens’ are actually down-to-earth… Hey audiences, Martians landed and they are friendly. With the heck, nope… They have millions, they drive cars you would need to sell your house to buy one, they walk on red carpets whilst the only carpet I walk on all time is everything but red lol

About 6 months ago I started to be interested in the movie world again, just out of curiosity and.. maybe business. I started to polish my old scripts, I am studying for my BA in Archeology and Ancient History and I am at home most of the day….. so I just browse the internet when I am bored. God knows how, I came across one of those gossip sites (that are highly addictive) where you can comment on a topic/news and I started posting there.
I always was part of forums/boards of any kind for the last decade, yet I was not aware that the online world had expanded into another ‘dimension’.
One of these new dimensions is actually the blogging universe and tumblr. But I will speak about it later.

First thread I stumbled into was a topic about one of the “Thor – The Dark World” premieres (I forgot which one). What really shocked me whilst I was reading the comments was the degree of involvement that some people had for the characters of the movie and who play the roles. It seemed like some people actually were even curious to know what kind of shoe size Chris Hemsworth-Thor wears (I don’t even know my hubby’s shoe size and I need to check if I want to buy shoes as a pressie!). The thirst for curiosity and sordid details even skyrocketed to the moon concerning Hiddleston-Loki though. Whilst Hemsworth has been married for a few years now and his female fans are a bit more restrained than Hiddleston’s in their fantasies, if you read anything about the latter… You might sue someone because you want to bleach your mind from what you read about him and you can’t delete it (although Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender’s fans are equally rabid and derailed).

Btw, for people who don’t know who Hiddleston is, he is the guy on the left in the picture (From Coriolanus rehearsals at Donmar theatre – London):

I got to the point I would have liked to slap the commenters and then ask them how they got to be so detached from reality. Is it really our online culture that produces such an outcome? An endless fantasising about people who are real but at the same time they are not real because they don’t know we exist? That is why this morning I was reminded of the song I posted above, “I see you…” Hell but ‘they’ don’t…. It feels like the line between reality and screen/online reality got blurred somehow and somewhere, but it is not clear anymore who is in what…

Concerning the blogging universe, the worst of the worst about Hiddleston was/is on Tumblr. I felt dirty just at the thought I am blogging on tumblr too, although my little rants only support the main domain (where you can’t comment, thank God, thank God!) and my posts are usually and mainly about anything that irritates me at any given moment. I am a very opinionated bitch and if I don’t want to spend my time online arguing with everyone, well… Better to have a blog and let the steam go off there 😉
In fact… If by mistake I was going to post this on a Hiddleston online thread, anywhere on the planet, I was probably going to be crucified for it. Yes, his fans are ‘that’ involved. You can’t express your mild opinion about him in front of his online fans, the punishment would be worse than William Wallace’s (who was quartered and spread all over Scotland.. That is nothing William! You never saw this age, you lucky guy!). Personally, I think he is great as an actor… As Kenneth Branagh, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and many others are…. Many would be even better, they are just not famous yet or maybe they will never be. Fame is not ‘recognition’, it is also luck. A great deal of luck. And I even spat in the face of it, many years ago… When a talent scout asked me if I wanted to act and I said “No, thank you”. If I had said yes, would I have probably been discussed and my life scrutinised one million times on Tumblr by now? Imagine lots of people discussing if my boobies are sagging or if I had plastic surgery or if I am having a lesbian relationship with my best friend….

Jesus, so glad I said no to the opportunity.

I dearly hope Tom Hiddleston enjoys fame and his fans, because in case he doesn’t… he would be the unhappiest person of the planet….

Whilst Merlin lives… Happily ever after in her ‘invisible’ Camelot 🙂

by Merlin


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